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 OIM has no opinion about these activities. OIM offers them as suggestive only.

RETURN TO WORK (coming soon)



Horse Rhythm Foundation (AKA: Warrior Institute of Neurowellness) – for wounded warriors and first responders.

Daring Adventures – Programs include adaptive hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing, kayaking, sled hockey and more.

The Next Step – Peer Mentoring & More. Improving and Empowering Life after Injury through Education and Recreation.

2016 20th Anniversary of Barrow (Neurological Institute) Connection’s – Day on the Lake. The Day on the Lake program is the only adapted water sports program for those with physical and neurological disabilities offered in Arizona. Summer 2017 will mark our 21st year of helping people who suffer from a neurological disability ride the waves at one of the most accessible waterside facilities in Arizona—Bartlett Lake Marina. Day on the Lake 2017 information coming soon. Contact the Barrow Connection at (602) 406-6280 with any questions.

OIM [Our Incredible Mind, a tax deductible 501(c)(3)] is accepting Financial Contributions to continue growing OIM.

What is OIM?
OIM is the brain injured community’s access to meetings and fellowship, activities and resources and a work program.

Why OIM?
OIM is today similar to what Alcoholics Anonymous was back in the 1930s. There are traumatic brain injured (TBIs) and acquired brain injured (ABIs) that have found a way to recover and improve from their seemingly hopeless state. The tragedy is that most do not know of this way. Some are dying without hope. “We exist to share our experience, strength, and hope with one another to recover the best we can if we want to.”

Where can I contribute my funds?
OIM is growing each of the three components of recovery.
Meetings and Fellowship: The goal of meetings is to provide hope to those who still suffer. The OIM program is based on the medical communities’, religious communities’ and survivor communities’ experiences.
Activities and Resources: Our goal is to have the most up to date online resource center with best practices from medical, religious and survivor experiences AND activities to which survivors can be connected if they find value and benefit.
Work Program: Our goal is to have an OIM chain of farms and restaurants where the brain injured community can work and serve. To connect the brain injured community to companies’ and organizations’ work programs.

What is TBI?
An alteration of brain function caused by external force: Falls, Motor Vehicle, A Strike, An Assault, etc.
What is ABI?
An injury after birth including Stroke, Tumor, Aneurysm, Viral Encephalitis, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.

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