OIM Sponsors & Program

OIM Partners & Program

OIM Partners & Sponsors

Fipsila: The Fun Interactive Educational Storytelling Game
Merchants: Our Incredible Mind (OIM) participates in this program. Click on this link to sign up with OIM.  http://fsanswers.com/index.php/our-incredible-mind/view/form

… or … Merchants: click on this two-page pdf to learn more. Our Incredible Mind partners with Merchants Giving Back

The OIM program – Fellowship, Network of Meetings, Indoor and Outdoor Activities, Return to work Activities, and Resource Center. We believe anything is possible, even late in the game. With vision, purpose, faith, and gratitude we meet regularly and are as active as we can be. We believe OIM changes the way the world interacts with the brain injured.

Our Incredible Mind, the book, is about how some in the brain-injured community throughout the USA have been recovering since the 1980s! This book is based on the principles of vision, purpose, faith, and gratitude. Each of these stories speak to these ideals.

Available for purchase at:

Createspace (Publisher – An Amazon Company)

Amazon (Amazon)

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