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OIM Meeting Types

Brain-injured[BI], Caregiver[CG], Family & Friends[FF], Volunteer[V], Medical Community[MC], Young People[YP], Men[M], Women[W], Military[MIL], Post Traumatic Stress [PTSD], Sports[SP], Aneurysm[A], Alzheimer [ALZ], Lesbian-Bisexual-Gay-Transgender[LBGT], Stroke[ST], Brain Tumor[BT], Autism[AU], Prevention[PR], All Welcome[AW], Closed[C]

Newcomer[NC], Speaker[SPK], OIM Book Study[OBS], Speaker-Discussion[SD], Break-out groups[BOG], Prayer & Meditation[PM], Activity [ACT], Educational [EDU]                                            

State   City     Day          Time                   Place                            Meeting Type

AZ    Phoenix   3rd Thurs  6:30-8:00PM    11002 S 48th St                     AW/ACT         The location: Mountain View Lutheran Church; Room #2 or 5; 11002 S 48th St, Phoenix, AZ 85044. Contact Bill at 480-980-1311 for more information. OIM, Fellowship, life photograph sharing, … and at times … delicious home-made food. We play Fipsila: A Fun, Educational, Interactive, Storytelling Game.

Next meeting is not at the Church and will be at a restaurant on May 24. Contact Bill for information.

**To start a meeting contact Bill for a ‘meeting guideline packet’**

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